Welcome to the world of the super rich…

From superyachts to champagne – get inspiration from the oligarchs on how to submit your receipts this summer!


Chartering a superyacht for a week certainly doesn’t come cheap at a weekly hire cost of €770,000 for this amazing yacht within a yacht! To speed up claiming this one back, have your yacht broker email the invoice direct to your personal Receipt Bank email.


When spending £330,000 on champagne in the Monaco Billionaire Club, don’t forget to snap and submit your receipt with the Receipt Bank App for iPhone and Android smartphones.


Give your PA access to your DropBox, so they can submit those dog grooming and car valet receipts whilst you’re away.

We won’t all be off to Monaco spending big money this summer but whatever you are doing, all of us at Receipt Bank hope you have a great time!

Amelia Whitehouse Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank automates your accounts payable and expense management. We know time is precious so our aim is to reduce the time SMEs, accountants and bookkeepers spend on manual data entry. Receipt Bank was founded in London in 2010 by Michael Wood and Alexis Prenn. Both of whom knew the burden receipts and invoices placed on their previous businesses.