Learning online has become a go-to for many people. But what happens when you run your business, how many YouTube videos do you have to watch after midnight to find out how you can update your accounts payable better or create your invoices quicker? Find out why informed decisions are better made without do-it-yourself search engines and why it’s best to seek the advice of a trained professional in subjects that really matter.

Imagine a time when online learning wasn’t around. Asking that, is like trying to remember what Windows 98 looked like when the internet happened. We have now become such a generation of self-taught individuals, that if we wanted to know the answer to that question we jump on Google, Ask.com, Yahoo! or Bing.

There is literally a momentous amount of information online to answer just about any question, on any topic. And as a result, we have all developed a unified feeling of “now”. That’s the gift that the digital revolution brought to us. We want to do it now, we want to find out now, we want to solve it now. The answer is out there, now, right?

The perils of DIY e-learning

When we believe an answer is immediately available online it gives us a sense of hope. We think - I can do anything, I am invincible (or that may be only me). Well, even if that’s not true, finding out about something in a specialist area online, for example learning how to manage your business’ financial accounts can mean arriving at many dead-end videos, blogs full of opinions and lists of articles pointing out ‘helpful’ hints.

We don’t really know that the YouTube videos are showing us the right way to go about doing what we need without further issues arising. And that’s the problem with do-it-yourself online training. The amount of hours spent “learning” (searching) may cover one or two of the basics well (due to overwhelming content on that one function) but the rest is either poorly covered or virtually unknown. And then we wind up figuring out that no, we didn’t end up finding out now. We found out some things later….. much, much, much later.

A training environment that beats online, any day of the week.

After spending the better part of hours searching pages, websites, articles, blogs and links - apart from the exhaustion - there are those pesky questions that crop up. Why is my bank account is out of balance? How can I follow up my debtors and get paid faster? How can I customize my accounting software for my business?

In areas that are very important to us (like running a business), there are only so many hours we can dedicate to online research to trust what we read. Finding a business system that is certified, used by trained professionals (and taught by professionals) is invaluable. To have a human that we can talk to about our own issues is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. Here are the top reasons why in-person classroom learning is better than any form of e-learning:

  • We can ask questions and get a properly considered answer back - immediately.
  • We can cover our own unique scenarios quickly and easily.
  • We can go over functions that we had problems following (did we forget to click on something?)
  • We can even go back and do a refresher to make sure we are completely comfortable

Face-to-face learning saves us time, money and ultimately gives us the best practices that could save a business thousands of dollars in the long run. The short-cuts that we were searching for online are revealed in a session.

Cloud System. In Person Training.

Being properly trained in the latest technological systems is the heart of why all good businesses become great. The secret is twofold. Finding the best system. And finding the best person to teach you how to use it.

Accounting systems have come a long way, Xero is one of the leaders in the field and has become one of the most popular systems in Australia, used by over 1 million businesses worldwide.

Using the best online systems like Xero Accounting are best taught by a Certified Practising Accountant. They know all the critical skills to manage your business finance and can avoid the pitfalls for each situation (something that a YouTube video just can’t deliver). Attending a session on specialist subjects like enrolling in a Xero training course means your team will be able to actually speak with and interact with a professional during each session.

Even for those who may have graduated from accountancy at College, are only familiar with very basic MYOB training - a business has a broader set of financial requirements that require further training. Trudging through online videos won’t be sufficient enough to understand how to apply what a particular business needs in order for it to function efficiently.

It’s time that everyone takes advantage of the new wave of person-to-person live training sessions and embrace technology in a smarter, quicker way so we all can find out what we need, now. Not later.

The team at Target Accounting are Certified Practising Accountants and are experts in the Cloud Based Xero Accounting System. They have Xero training courses that are tailored for the first-time user all the way to the advanced. Find out more about their Xero Training Courses http://www.targetaccounting.com.au/xero-training today. Call Target Accounting on 1300 668 088 or email info@targetaccounting.com.au if you want to talk to an expert about how you can better improve the financial management of your business.

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