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Childcare Industry Wild Strike

It's arguably on of the biggest walk offs in recent history for the childcare industry. Where do Childcare Centres stand? What do the educators want to achieve after the September 7 mass strike? Find out the latest here.


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Finding profits after 2017 Wage Increase

It’s hard enough running a business that constantly strives to keep the operating costs down, but now with the newly introduced mandatory wage increase of a further 3.3% what can Childcare do to retain their profit margin? We have 5 tips to help your Childcare business keep a healthy bottom line.


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The Cycle of Business and Planning

Knowing where a business is and where it needs to be, forms only the start understanding this week’s topic. The ideal cycle of business has an owner, that is, a person or persons, who are responsible for the business as an entity and who have taken on the risk for operating that business. The owner then invests time to build a team, who in turn, services the business’ customers, providing revenue for the business and dividends back to the owner. This can be simply depicted in the following diagram:

08-Feb-2017 Target Accounting Service

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A 9-point checklist for paying less tax (providing you act quickly)

Time is running out.

If you want to take a few simple preventative measures to minimise or defer how much tax you will pay for this Financial Year, you need to do two things:

25-Jan-2017 Target Accounting Service

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Why modern business means cloud-based business

“The cloud” is a phrase that means something very different these days, due to the increasing use of cloud computing. But what exactly is cloud computing? And is it a good option for small businesses?

26-Nov-2016 Target Accounting Service

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Planning for disaster: 4 ways to keep your childcare centre safe and financially sound

Your childcare business may be running fine at the moment, but what will happen if there's a major problem? Here are four ways to prepare it for disaster.

20-Oct-2016 Target Accounting Service

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Childcare businesses: 5 ways to streamline your admin processes to reduce costs

There’s a lot more to running a childcare business than just looking after children.

18-Aug-2016 Target Accounting Service

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Growth potential: 6 traits of highly sustainable child care centres

Setting up a new childcare centre is a big commitment, both to yourself and to the children you will ultimately be looking after.

26-Jul-2016 Target Accounting Service

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A Trap That Causes Many Businesses To Go Broke, While They’re Making a Profit

There’s a saying in business, “You can go broke making a profit.” And another, “Cash is king. Profit is theory.”

04-Jul-2016 Target Accounting Service

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It Pays Off: 7 reasons business owners should pay themselves a salary

Think back to the days before you started your business, when you were working for a boss. Chances are you were rewarded for your hard work with a regular salary.

01-Jul-2016 Target Accounting Service

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Is Your Business Sailing Along Without A Map, Drifting?

For many, the word ‘budget’ is about as appealing as the word ‘diet’. It seems to imply what you will go without, rather than what you will achieve.